Best vitamins for hair growth


vitamins for hair growth


Like me you’re probably hair follicle challenged.  People might call me vain, people might say your hair doesn’t really matter but to me, I just love my hair and want to keep as much of it and keep it as healthy as possible for as long as possible.  The only way to truly do this is to properly look after your hair.  That could mean using a shampoo to help with scalp health you could try Nioxin Shampoo and Condition, for others the best option is a using an oil such as Wild Growth Hair Oil, Coconut oil or Jamaican Black Castor oil.  One of the best methods though is to turn to nature and make sure you have the right level of vitamins in your body. 


Reviews of the best vitamin products for hair growth – 2017

ProductPriceRatingMadeHow it worksTotal ingredientsVegetarian

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Our review
In FDA certified facilitiesFills in the gaps left by your regular diet - uses propriety CAPILSANA COMPLEX16No
Viviscal Extra Strength
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IrelandThey have their own complex - AminoMar® marine complex. Nourishes hair from within12No
Hair Rush
hair maxx
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USABlocks production of DHT and helps your hair grow again11No
Toji: Pure density
Toji bottle
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In a cGMP facility in the USAHas DHT blocking ingredients and also includes biotin34Yes
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USAMain ingredient is Biotin but also has 11 more ingredients11Yes
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USAHas DHT blocking ingredients and also includes biotin24Yes


We’ll go over the best vitamins for hair growth below and then go over some products which give you the best chance for hair growth.  Ideally you wouldn’t need to purchase any products and get all the vitamins and minerals you need from your diet but sometimes it’s just easier and more effective to take vitamin pills.  Hairfnity is one of the most popular vitamins and you can use coupon codes for Hairifnity as well.  There are also home remedies for hair growth that you may want to check out.  Many people start off with a “fake it til you make it” product like Caboki.  Check out my Caboki review.

This site isn’t just for men.  Many females come to me for advice because they are either losing their hair or would simply like to grow it faster.  After years of bleaching, treatments, styling etc. many women just end up with hair not as healthy as they’d like.  Check out my Treatments For Hair Loss In Women page for more information and make sure you avoid what damages your hair the most.


Common Vitamins and how they help hair growth

Vitamin C

When discussing about the best vitamins for hair growth, first thing that comes to mind is vitamin C. Most of us understand how useful vitamin C is to our immune system, and of course as a useful antioxidant within our body. You might be interested to know that it is also used by many manufacturers of hair care products, and for a very good reason. It can be important to use products containing vitamin C in order to get your desired results. By using products which have vitamin C thoroughly infused in it, you are able to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of this vitamin daily to keep your hair looking its best. Of course, the best way to get this vitamin is in whole foods, however, supplements can be taken as well, as long as you maintain correct levels.

Vitamin A

Because vitamin A is such a powerful antioxidant used by the body and since it has other health properties as well, it is useful to keep this vitamin in mind as one of the best vitamins for hair growth. You can have your vitamin levels checked by your doctor in order to find out which ones have levels that need to be increased. The possibility of getting too much vitamin A is all too real, and if this occurs, your efforts to have further hair growth may be hampered. Because of this, you should try to avoid taking supplements which could result in you getting a larger dosage than needed; getting your vitamin A from food is preferable. Skin problems and vision problems may indicate that you are not getting an adequate amount of vitamin A.

The B Vitamins

There are a great many B vitamins and they are typically all grouped together; you should make sure that you get the essential amount of each one. There are several ways available for you to ensure that you are getting the proper amount of B vitamins; you may use B vitamin complex supplements, eat foods that have them, or purchase conditioners and shampoos to which it has been added. Low vitamin B levels can result in feelings of being tired or weak, you may bruise easily, and you will most likely realize your hair is not growing as fast as it once did. The most important of the B vitamins is B-12, but if you are trying to achieve the best possible results, they all should be included daily.

Biotin May Well be the Most Important Vitamin for Hair Growth


Biotin has been researched extensively as the vitamin of choice for hair loss. Shampoos often add Biotin to enhance hair growth.  Many people do try to go shampoo free.  If you use raw eggs in your every day smoothies, you will deplete your Biotin intake. Contained within raw eggs, there is a chemical that destroys Biotin; this chemical is removed when eggs are cooked.

There are some situations that require hair growth stimulation. As an example, those taking epilepsy medications will often need assistance in order to grow hair. People who have had their stomach stapled or have had a re-sectioning of their stomach and small intestine often will have a biotin deficiency, which in turn often leads to some hair loss. When you have surgery for weight loss, your doctors will seldom mention this side effect.

A very interesting study was conducted at a university in Spain. It was noted that children who were taking epilepsy medications maintained normal levels of biotin, biotinidase, and zinc, but hair loss was still evident in some of them. Biotinidase is an enzyme that regulates how well biotin is functioning within the body. It was found that although their levels of biotin were not considered deficient, when supplements of 10 mg of biotin were added to their intake, hair growth once again began. It appears that by using the higher dose of biotin, hair growth was stimulated.

In regards to hair growth, there is some more information you need about this vitamin. The majority of be complex supplements have very little biotin. Take a look at your multivitamin or your B-complex; if you do not have at least 10{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of the 300 mcg your body needs, it is very possible that any hair growth issues that have developed may well be because of low biotin. If you wish to achieve maximum hair growth, it is advisable for you to ask your physician to check your biotin levels. You may wish to take a supplement after seeing the results, or possibly you will be taking them anyway, as advised by your nutritionist.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is often overlooked, however, for healthy hair growth it is essential. You can make sure you are getting enough vitamin E by eating foods that contain it, or of course, you can simply take a multivitamin that contains this vitamin. If in the past, you have had insufficient levels of this important vitamin, you will quickly see your hair feeling and looking more healthy and growing once again when you start increasing your levels. When vitamin E is utilized along with some of the other vitamins that have been mentioned in this list, it can provide you with a healthy scalp which in turn will encourage hair growth. This vitamin is available in several hair care products, but if you are not achieving good results when using this, it would be a good strategy to take the vitamins internally.

Vitamin D

There have been a great many studies during the last five years regarding vitamin D. This vitamin has been around for a long time and seems to have some connection to almost all illnesses. It is responsible for gene function of approximately 1000 different diseases; some of these have hair loss components.

Vitamin D deficiency is not directly responsible for hair loss; however, mineral balance within the body is regulated by vitamin D receptors. People with a zinc deficiency will often suffer from hair loss, when this deficiency has been corrected to normal, hair growth usually returns; vitamin D is a controlling factor for zinc absorption.


You have most likely heard vitamin commercials say we cover you from A to Zinc; in this case they have it right. Most people never even think about their zinc levels and you are probably just the same, however, if you don’t have enough, it may well be the reason for your poor hair growth. But there is some good news: keeping your zinc up to the required levels is usually fairly easy with a proper diet. It is possible however, that you may be one of those who is unable to properly absorb the zinc even when you are getting enough; if this is the case, additional supplements may be needed or possibly hair products which contain the needed zinc.


Although niacin is part of the family of B vitamins, it deserves to have its own recognition because of the role it plays in nourishing the scalp and encouraging vigorous hair growth. When you do not have enough niacin in your system, your hair may become quite brittle, listless, and it times it may even fall out. Not having enough niacin actually has a scientific name; it is called pellagra. Niacin shortages that reach this level are not the norm. However, when corrected, the results can be dramatic.

Folic Acid

One of the best for vitamins for hair growth is Folic.

Because of the way this particular vitamin functions within the body, adding folic acid into your diet will allow you to experience hair growth along with hair strengthening. Red blood cells and other proteins found in the body rely on folic acid to assist in their development. The speed at which your hair grows, as well as the thickness, can be influenced by the amount of folic acid in your body.

It is fairly easy to end up with a deficiency. If you never eat liver or stay away from dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach; this can occur, causing your hair problems. You can also get some folic acid from grains, pork, and poultry.

People who wish to take a supplement of folic acid for hair growth are able to take as much as 10 mg a day. Because Folic acid is water-soluble, any amount, over the amount needed by the body will be flushed out.

In order for you to have the best possible hair make sure you are receiving enough of each of the vitamins in this list.  Make sure you’re taking the recommended level of vitamins or else some vitamins may cause hair loss.

Many of you will have good diets and feel that vitamins aren’t for you.  Another option is to use some shampoos specifically designed to help boost your hair.  Some options you should consider are a volumizing shampoo or a thickening shampoo.  I’ve tried a lot of thickening shampoos and volumizing shampoos and I’ve found out that the two I just linked to are the best you can buy.

Hair Growth Vitamin Reviews

#1. Hairfinity

One of the most famous products out there thanks to Kim Kardashian.  It worked for me as well.  I’ve got a massive, in depth review here.  Make sure you check out the coupons available for Hairfinity as well so that you can save some money.


#2. Viviscal Extra Strength Review

Viviscal Extra Strength

You don’t want to miss out on this internal approach to growing hair. If you have not been keeping up with your hair and keeping it properly nourished, the time has come for you to turn that around ASAP, and this could be just the supplement you need to be using. The product does not use any drugs in this formula, but it does use the vitamins we have been discussing on this page; it also incorporates some marine nutrient sources in its own proprietary blend.

According to the company, the Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Program will assist in the promotion of your existing hair growth and will nourish your thinning hair, all from within. Viviscal states, “…Extra Strength dietary supplements are scientifically formulated with the exclusive marine complex AminoMar™ which helps to nourish thinning hair and promote existing healthy hair growth [see disclaimer above] from within. These nutrients help nourish your hair during the Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle.  Only Viviscal supplements contain the proprietary marine complex AminoMar™ (450 mg per serving).” The idea is that twice a day you will take this supplement in order to increase hair growth.  Check out my page on Hairfinity vs Viviscal.

They have been making quite a name for themselves, and generated a lot of talk by going on talk shows, and now they are a top-seller. But even more impressive is the massive amount of feedback they have been receiving, almost all positive. When it comes to products revolving around hair growth, you want to make sure that users are mostly satisfied with the product; in this case, that is what we are seeing. We also noted that a one month supply of the product is pretty reasonably priced.

Product Highlights:

  • No side effects and drug-free.
  • Fights against common hair loss conditions, such as poor diet and stress.
  • Developed specifically for people who have thinning hair conditions.
  • The majority of user feedback is positive.


#3. Toji: Pure Density Review

Toji Pure Density

In order to give you even greater results, this hair growth supplement product contains the ingredients that we have been covering above, along with other extracts and nutrients to give you the best possible results. Worse, some companies make a multitude of beauty and health supplements and products; Toji dedicates its focus only on products which will promote healthy hair.

For a hair product, this particular product is a little pricey, however the feedback indicates it may be well worth your while. If your hair is listless and dull and is not growing well, this may be just the product you need. By purchasing a one-month supply, you will be able to evaluate its effectiveness and then continue its use if you find it beneficial.

Product Highlights:

  • In order to help your hair grow, the product uses 36 separate ingredients.
  • Only uses all natural ingredients that have been proven to be beneficial in the growth of hair.
  • The feedback data suggests that it works.
  • During manufacturing, quality standards are maintained.

Read my in depth Toji Pure Density review.


Special Mention – DasGro Review

DasGro Hair Formula

DasGro is a very well known company in the hair growth industry and has caused a lot of controversy.  The first question you are probably asking is what is DasGro? Simply put, DasGro has been marketed that it will stop the loss of hair, to rehabilitate hair follicles, and grow new hair. This product consists of both vitamins and herbal ingredients, all of which are meant to be all natural.

When using DasGro, the first thing it does is inhibit DHT, this puts off any further loss of hair that may have occurred. DHT is the hormone which causes hair follicle shrinkage.  Check out my article on DHT blocker.

When this occurs, the resulting shorter hair growth period causes the hair to become smaller and finer, and lighter, which results in a greater loss of hair.

So DasGro will help you grow your hair faster but won’t regrow hair that has disappeared.  There’s actually some alarming news regarding DasGro and you should read my full DasGro review here.


A special mention should be made to Hair Maxx because it really is a very good product as is RevadreneHairanew is another products you may be interested in.  Many women have found that Rogaine for Women has helped them.  One of the most important things you can do for your hair is to keep it healthy.

Hair Growth Vitamins side effects

Any pill you ingest could have a potential side effect on your health that’s why I’ve developed the following pages: Hairfinity side effects and Viviscal side effects to help you make an informed decision.