DHT Blocker

DHT Blocker

There are many people out there that are suffering from hair loss and are looking for ways to treat their hair loss. This isn’t a surprise because there are somethings out there that do prevent hair loss that may cause some pretty nasty side effects. That is where DHT blockers come in. Many people ask how they work and if they are as good as Propecia. We will cover all this as well as provide you with some of the best DHT blockers that will help you with your hair loss.

DHT is the #1 culprit for hair loss

The biggest enemy in the fight against hair loss is DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. This is going to play a main part in your hair loss, so you will need to have DHT blockers in your arsenal. When your testosterone is converted to DHT, your hormone interactions will shape your overall progress with your balding as well as play a part in benign enlarged prostate and in some instances prostate cancer. There are a lot of shampoos, vitamins, hair loss pills, that are sold that have a lot of wild claims about how effective their item is in stopping the conversion to DHT. The evidence that they have is not much and it is still up to you to deal with the trial and error.

So, DHT blockers are a term that is used to describe various methods or products that aim to prevent DHT from making the hair follicles much smaller. Eventually the hair follicles will become very damaged that it will become dormant and stop growing hair. Often times the term DHT blocker is used incorrectly so be sure that the product does one of the following:

  • Purifies the scalp and removes excess scalp DHT and sebum
  • Reduces cholesterol to keep enzyme 5 alpha reductase reduced
  • Prevents DHT from binding to hair follicle receptors
  • Slows down the production of DHT
  • Lowers the baseline production of DHT

Stopping DHT

If you are wanting to keep your hair in shape, then stopping DHT is important. You can stop, slow down, or reverse hair loss by following a regimen that will attack DHT from all sides. DHT will continue to bind your hair follicle receptors until your hair gets finer, thinner, and eventually it will fall out. When the hair starts to get fine, then you know that your hair follicle is coming to the end of its life. Dormant hair follicles that were damaged by DHT won’t produce hair. It is harder to get dead hair follicles to produce hair than it is to reinvigorate the hair follicles that is still producing thin hair. It is almost like preventative maintenance. If you do the little things along the way, you will have a full head of hair later in life. If you just ignore it, then you will have to pay in the long run for a hair transplant.

Herbs to block DHT

There are a lot of herbs that act as a way to defend your hair against DHT. They may work with your body in different ways. Many of these herbs and substances can be found and mass produced for low costs. You should note that some of the remedies will not have a lot of data about hair loss interactions, but there could be data about prostate condition relief. Because prostate conditions and hair loss share some of the same characteristics, a remedy that cures prostate conditions will have a better chance at effecting your hair loss process than one that doesn’t.

Best DHT Blockers

The products that are listed below are considered potent DHT blocker formulas. There are a lot of hair loss products that will make a bunch of ridiculous claims and even use false advertising. The biggest thing that you want to look for is the ingredient list. Make sure it contains a form of Pumpkin seed oil or Saw palmetto, how much of each ingredient, and the quality of the manufacturer. The quality is going to be hard to gauge, which why we included products that are from quality manufacturers.

NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth

NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth
NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth

This particular DHT blocker is made by Natrol. NuHair is safe for men and women. The product contains a special blend that blocks DHT. The ingredients include pumpkin oil extract, saw palmetto extract, soy phytosterol complex and more. These herbs are at the top for being DHT blocking ingredients. It also includes he shouwu extract, zinc and other soy extracts as well.

NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth label
NuHair DHT Blocker Hair Regrowth label

Groganics Deep Freeze DHT Blocker System

Groganics Deep Freeze DHT Blocker System
Groganics Deep Freeze DHT Blocker System

This is a company that offers a lot of different hair loss products. Many of them use saw palmetto. The system is worth trying if you are trying to keep things natural. The vitamin isn’t bad, but you can do better as the ingredients aren’t as strong as other options that are out there. The shampoo actually contains more ingredients to prevent hair loss. They sell a 3 step system bundle and they are to be used before, during, and after the shower. They will make the scalp tingle. Their products contain a unique nerve sedative and antiseptic. It also contains oat seed extract, chamomile, and others. They do have 2 different systems. They have volumizing and the growth stimulant systems. Each will have 3 products to use. It will contain the shampoo and 2 scalp treatments. The volumizing system is aimed more for people who are just starting to have thinning hair during early stages of hair loss.

Shen Min DHT Blocker

Shen Min DHT Blocker
Shen Min DHT Blocker

This particular DHT blocker has a lot of the same ingredients of NuHair. It is a pretty potent blend and if you are looking for a great approach and trying a natural product, then this one is the way to go. It is similar to the NuHair pills and it includes pumpkin seed extract, he shouwu, saw palmetto and phytosterol complex but it also includes beta sitosterol and quercetin in its vitamin blend. The beta sitosterol is known to really increase the effectiveness of preventing hair loss when used with saw palmetto.

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Just Natural Hair Care Product Reviews

Just Natural Hair Care Product Reviews

Your hair is one of the biggest things that people will notice about you. Whether you have long or short hair, if it is down or if it is up, and even how it looks. Sometimes, we all have bad hair days and sometimes it can last for weeks on end. Caring for your hair can be a hassle but if you use the right type of products, then you really do not have to worry about how much time you are taking. Discovering Just Natural products actually helped me out a lot. From someone who has natural curly hair that frizzes at the first sign of humidity, these products were a real life changer.

After a short search, I found that Just Natural products has a range of options when it comes to wanting beautiful hair that is manageable. Their product line includes dry shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, clarifying shampoo, hair conditioner, and volumizing. They also offer options for thickening and nourishing your hair. Let’s not leave out the various hair types, including oily, fine hair, damaged hair, split ends and those with already healthy hair who want to maintain it.

I decided to try out some of their products and I am certainly glad that I did. I tried out the Organic Hair Care Shampoo, Organic Hair Care Conditioner, Vinegar Rinse Cleanser, Leave in Conditioner, and Proteins and Vitamins treatment. These 5 products really changed my hair from the mangled mess that it was to being shiny, soft, and healthy.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the products.

I have extremely dry hair, so I wanted something that would really help me out. I tried The Organic Hair Care Shampoo, and let’s just say that for someone who has super dry, but natural hair this shampoo is a god-send. I absolutely love this shampoo. It was the first shampoo that I have used to really give my curls definition. Just a few pumps and it washed my hair completely. It lathers up really well, so you don’t have to use a whole lot. I noticed right off, even with my hair still wet that it left my scalp and hair feeling really refreshed and super clean. It didn’t even make my hair poof out like other shampoos I have tried before. After drying it felt strong but so soft. Not to mention I am a fan of minty smells, so the scent was nice as well. It was a great experience with this shampoo and since one lather does the job, you don’t have to waste money constantly buying more.

The Organic Hair Care Conditioner, really compliments the shampoo. Just using the conditioner once actually softened my hair even more and really conditioned my hair. The one thing I noticed is that it has more of a rose smell to it, which I found to be nice as well. This is a deep conditioner, so you know you are going to have baby soft hair no matter your hair type. Since I have curly hair, I normally have a lot of issues detangling my hair which causes a ton of shedding and a lot of pulling. This conditioner made it super easy to detangle my hair and even lowered the shedding I have. My hair felt so much stronger, and I was able to go through detangling without losing a bunch of my hair, which is often a lot when I have a lazy week. It also helped to retain some of the moisture, which is great for the leave in conditioner.

The Vinegar Cleanse was the iffy part for me. I hate the smell of vinegar and its even worse when I put it in my hair and it runs down my face and sometimes into my mouth, it literally makes me want to puke. But, I sucked it up and went ahead and used it. Even though it smells like Apple Cider Vinegar, I will admit it worked great with my hair. I even used it on my sister’s hair who has color treated hair. It didn’t strip out her color, and it wasn’t harsh at all. I will admit with curly hair there is often a whole lot of buildup from products that I use on a daily basis, even after I shampoo. I would cake on products and then be lazy and not wash it out. I was just too busy and constantly on the go. Now after the vinegar cleanse, I noticed that my hair was super clean when I was done. It worked so much better than expected and it worked well enough that even though I hate the smell, I will suffer through it because I love my hair. Not to mention the essential oils in this product really make the difference.

The Proteins and Vitamins Hair Treatment was a blessing too. I followed the directions on the bottle to the T. I left the treatment in my hair for about 10 minutes before I styled it like I normally do. Whenever I used the treatment, I ensured that my hair was stripped clean and conditioned before I ever put it in my hair. The first time that I used it, it worked great. My hair was springy and there wasn’t a whole lot of frizz. Although, when I went to use it a second time, there was an issue. My hair felt really hard and kind of stiff after I used it. This product is best used every 2 weeks or just monthly. That way you don’t add a whole lot protein to your hair regularly. I love using protein treatments and your hair will thrive off of them. This is a product that I definitely plan to keep using as it is a real keeper.

The Leave in Conditioner was quite unique, compared to all the types I have tried in the past. The first thing I noticed was that the main ingredient was Aloe Vera leaf Juice. It was super thick and creamy for a leave in conditioner, which actually surprised me. It was much thicker than others I had used before. I used this conditioner and then sealed it in with a bit of oil, in order to really get a good feel for this conditioner. I was amazed. It worked great. My hair was well hydrated and super soft. I had my hair in a French twist and my hair was moisturized the whole time. Whenever I took it out and tried a new style, my hair was fluffy and moisturized. It was also easy to separated and defined. My hair didn’t even look dry. I kept trying new styles each day and I was actually able to get in several styles during a week before I ever washed it. That is actually a first for me, so this leave in conditioner is certainly going to be in my hair arsenal.


I love Just Natural Hair Care products. I love everything from the packaging to the natural ingredients used, which are all high quality. The products aren’t watered down like other types of products that I have used before and they don’t even skimp on the products. Just Natural Hair Care Products are really worth the investment, especially if you are wanting to really improve your hair and scalp quality. All of these products are now a part of my normal hair care routine. I will certainly keep purchasing them and recommending them.





Does Rogaine Work?

Does Rogaine Work?

Whenever you think about hair loss, the first thing that comes to mind is Rogaine.  It is one of the best marketed hair loss treatments on the market right now. It is very popular. It also a big thing in pop culture to take some jabs at, simply because it is one of the biggest products for hair loss and it is so wide spread. However, what people really want to know is if it really works and if it works as well for women.


When you are looking at hair loss treatments, you need to look at verified results. The big thing about Rogaine is that is main ingredient Minoxidil has a ton of research about how effective it is. It is has been around for over 20 years, so there is plenty of evidence. Rogaine is one of the few products approved by the FDA to actually regrow hair. They even did clinical trials and it showed that 9 out of 10 people had grown hair just after 4 months when used twice a day.

How does Rogaine Work?

The main ingredient of Rogaine, Minoxidil, is a vasodilator medication. This means that it widens your blood vessels and helps to increase blood flow. Originally, Minoxidil came out in the 1950s to be a cure for ulcers, but it didn’t work. It was however found to be a really strong vasodilator. This lead the FDA to approve it as a treatment for blood pressure and it was called Loniten. It was during this time that scientists found that it had a unique side effect –unexpected hair growth. This allowed the FDA to approve it for hair loss prevention in then 1980s called Rogaine. It has been known to treat dandruff too, giving you the appearance of healthy hair again.

Rogaine works by you massaging the medication into your scalp twice a day. You will need to use about half a cap each time you use it. You will really begin to see results in 4 to 6 months.

How do you use Rogaine?

Rogaine helps promote hair growth by causing hyperpolarization of your cell membranes. This simply means that it expands your potassium channels and blood vessels. This in turn causes the hair follicles to be infused with more nutrients, blood and oxygen. This revives old dormant hair follicles, and keeps the existing hair follicles healthier simply by stimulating the follicles to go into the growth phase. Hairs that are in the growth phase will be more robust and thicker. Minoxidil can give a user some pretty dramatic results especially if they still have a lot of hair left including those who have a lot of follicles in the thinning phase. If your hair has been dormant for more than 5 years, it is quite unlikely that Rogaine can activate any growth. The ideal person for Rogaine is a 20-30 year old who is in the first stages of developing bald spots.

Minoxidil is a hair regrowth treatment that not only stimulates, but prevents DHT like Propecia. Now, DHT is the main cause for male pattern baldness, and just like with many other treatments, once you have stopped using it, the hair that you have will end up falling out. If you stop Rogaine, it won’t be keeping your hair alive any longer, it will become a victim of DHT.

Overall, Rogaine is quite effective especially for young men who are just now going through the balding phase. It maintains current hair and stimulates new hair growth and you can purchase it over the counter without having to have your doctor prescribe it to you.

Just remember if you stop using Rogaine, your hair shedding, hair thinning, or  hair loss will continue to happen. It can be a real hassle to apply to your hair twice daily. Since you have to apply it often, it can begin to get expensive to keep Rogaine in your hair arsenal.

So, Does Rogaine really work?

The truth is that 90{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of men who use it get to see hair growth after 4 months of using the Rogaine foam. If you look at all the information about Rogaine, you are going to see that it does work. A popular question is if it will work for you. That is harder to answer. Each person is going to be different, and everyone will react to the Rogaine treatment differently. The only way to know if it works for you is to try it for 6 months and applying it twice a day. That is going to be the best way to see if it will work for you, plus it shows what type of results that you can get from long term use. Luckily, over the years the price for Rogaine has really dropped down, so paying for Rogaine for 6 months, isn’t going to be too much of a problem. Minoxidil is a low risk medication and the side effects from using Rogaine is virtually non-existent to very mild.

It is very important to remember to have the right type of expectations when you begin using Rogaine. There are a lot of ways that your hair may respond to the treatment. Either you are going to grow out a lot of hair, grow only a little back, not regrow your hair but maintain what you have, or have no results at all. It is quite unlikely that Rogaine is going to cause your hair loss to get worse. The worst that could happen is that you are where you started before you applied Rogaine. Basically over 33{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of people will have a lot of hair growth. If you end up using Rogaine and end up with a heck of a fro, then you are part of the minority. The common response is that there is a bit of growth or you end up maintaining. Stopping any additional hair loss is really great when you think about it, especially if you can’t really tell that you are going bald.

Another good thing about Rogaine is that it will actually slow down the causes of hair loss at your hair line. It won’t stop it all together, and this is where it can be the most noticeable. It is really unknown about how well it will work for a receding hair line. This is simply because all the trials are done of the back of the head. This is one the place they can advertise that it will work at.

Does it work for Women?

There is a Rogaine for Women, and it is a separate treatment that was created to help prevent hair loss that is experienced by women. It contains Minoxidil, and it comes in different amounts of the main ingredient. Women’s Rogaine is actually the only FDA approved hair loss treatment for women. Many women begin to see results in 3 months, but you really show results in 6 months. You are the best judge of your body. Not to mention, if you get the 5{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} solution, you will only have to apply it once a day instead of twice daily, unlike the men’s solution.

There have been a lot of studies done on how well Rogaine works for a hair loss in women. It shows it is a quite effective product for female pattern baldness, and it even works well for those who are just not starting to see a bit of thinning in their hair. It helps to stimulate new growth and even helps with the volume of the hair you have. The hair follicles that are thinning will actually grow. This causes your hair to look fuller and to have so much more volume. This helps a woman experiencing female pattern hair loss to once again get that style that they are going for. Check out this page for a full review of Rogaine for women.

Rogaine For Beards – Does it work?

Rogaine for Beards seems a bit weird at first, but this is just because many people aren’t interested in the hair loss treatment. They are pretty curious about using it to grow beards. Beards are a big part of the in crowd these days, and it isn’t just the hipsters that are worrying about having a great looking beard. It isn’t just any beard, they are wanting a thick, full beard that will make all the ladies go crazy. There are some guys out there that don’t have the beard of their dreams and are looking for a way to really step up their beard game, so they start using Rogaine on their face. Minoxidil does cause extra hair growth, and it has been used in some medical cases where a patient had lost their hair in various parts of their body besides the scalp.

Just because Rogaine for Beards hasn’t been FDA approved, doesn’t mean that it won’t work or that it is dangerous. You should use at your own risk because you may get some side effects and if you do then it will be on you. Good news is that many people have used Rogaine to grow their beards, and most report that they did not have side effects and great results. The most common issue happened to  be some dry skin and some stated that a rash happened.

You may notice that before you every use Rogaine, that your facial hair is super thin or colorless, and just not that great or even noticeable. Because of this, Rogaine will thicken the hair. You will have to use Rogaine for about 6 months and if you don’t see any results, then you can blame your genetics.

Side Effects of Rogaine

Since Rogaine has been on the market, there are only a few reported side effects. You can get both strengths of Rogaine over the counter, so the risk is considered to be quite minimal. Minoxidil when applied is really tolerated. Just be sure you don’t mistake your Rogaine foam for whipped cream. Just be aware that when you start using Rogaine, you are going to notice a lot of shedding. This is a good thing as it means that your follicles are responding to the Rogaine and are pushing out thinning or dead hair to make room for your new growth.

The most common side effects are itchy skin, skin rashes, dryness around or on the area where you are putting Rogaine. Be sure to check with your doctor before you start to use Rogaine. There have been other side effects like blotchy or red skin, burning itchiness on the scalp, inflammation of your roots, increased facial hair growth, and swelling of your extremities or face.

There are a few things that you can do to help lower your risk of having side effects. Use a shampoo like Nizoral to keep your scalp from being too itchy that is caused by Rogaine. Only use the shampoo no more than 3 times weekly. Be sure to not go over the dosage of Rogaine. Apply it to your dry hair which will keep you from absorbing it into your skin. Be sure to wash your hands after you apply Rogaine and do so with soap. It has been a rare occasion that it was absorbed into your skin. This can cause fainting, headaches, swelling in your face and extremities, blurred vision, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, lightheadedness, and numbness. If these happen, check in with your doctor.

When it comes to Rogaine for women, it has the same type of side effects. But it is not safe for a developing baby. It is recommended to not use while pregnant or while you are breastfeeding.


Rogaine is really great. There aren’t any other medications that will stimulate hair growth like this that you can get over the counter. It is also one of the few proven hair loss treatments that is FDA approved. The only thing that can be a real pain is that it has to be applied 2 times a day. If you are like an average person, you shower once a day, and that means that if you shower in the morning, you are going to have to do it again at night to rinse the Rogaine out of your hair.

It is a small price to pay in order to have great hair. Rogaine comes in a foam solution and can even be unscented. This is so much easier to apply and you don’t have to worry about your partner not being happy with the smell. It is highly recommended as the best treatment for hair loss.

Hairfinity vs Biotin

Hairfinity vs Biotin

There is a lot of talk about how great Hairfinity is lately and people all over the world, celebrities too, have hopped on the Hairfinity bandwagon. This really peaked my interest and so I did my research and begun to think about buying a bottle to try it out. Once I checked the price, I began to have second thoughts about this product. No, they aren’t super expensive but for $24 per bottle is going to be a bit pricey for those who are on a budget and who wants to take them daily for more than 30 days. Once you add in the shipping it is around $30 per bottle.


The question remains if Hairfinity really works, and if it works better than just Biotin. I began to ask myself if there was a benefit to choosing one over the other and after a lot of research and trying each product myself, here is what I found:Biotin for hair growth

Biotin is part of the B Vitamin family. It helps to break your food down and helps with absorbing fatty acids and more. It also helps to promote cellular growth, so people use it to help grow their hair, nails and make their skin better. You can get biotin from quantities of vitamins in our foods that we eat and from the microorganisms that live in our intestines that make Biotin. You will normally take in between 40 to 60 mcg of Biotin each day from food. Although, it is recommended that you take between 1,000 to 2,000 mcg of Biotin to treat hair loss.

The main ingredient in Hairfinity is Biotin. It also contains Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, but you can get those from multivitamins.


Hairfinity claims that it can grow your hair ¾ inch to 1 inch every month. Most hair will grow ½ inch every month.

Hairfinity contains MSM. The sulfur in MSM is needed for healthy keratin and collagen, which are needed for healthy hair growth.  You can purchase MSM for a lot cheaper.

The added expense of Hairfinity does lose out to Biotin or a Hair, Skin, and Nail multivitamin. You can avoid the cost if you do not mind a lower dose. Most multivitamins that we use will contain biotin. There isn’t really a worry about the amounts of biotin because your body will flush out the vitamins that are not used. For instance, Hairfinity contains over 800{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of your daily amount for Biotin, and if your body doesn’t need it all, it will flush out in your urine. So, taking a lower dosage of biotin, your hair will actually become stronger and thicker in a month.

There are some side effects of taking high doses of Biotin and Hairfinity. You can have increased hair shedding and breakout in acne. If you choose to take either Biotin or Hairfinity it is highly recommended that you increase your water intake to 200 ounces daily to help with the side effects.

In the end, it is up to you if you believe that Hairfinity is better and you can afford $30 per bottle, or if you would rather go a less expensive route with the Biotin and multivitamin combo.

For further info check out:

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Is coconut oil good for your hair?

Is coconut oil good for your hair?

Coconut oil is something that is loved for many different uses. It smells like a vacation, it hydrates cuticles and dry elbows and the best of all it will improve the health of your hair.

So, how does it work?

There have been scientists that have studied the effects of oils on hair which have included mineral, olive, sunflower and lastly coconut. The results that they received some pretty amazing results for coconut oil. It has been shown that it actually penetrates hair. So, why would that matter? Many hair products and ingredients are only able to coat the surface of the hair to add shine, conditioning, smoothness, and more. Although, coconut oil has a chemical structure that allows it to penetrate the cortex or the inner part of your hair which helps to improve flexibility and strength.

This means that your hair is less likely to break and less likely to be damaged from heat styling and combing. Another benefit of coconut oil is that it has some super staying power. Since most oils will sit on top of your strands of hair, they rinse out when you wash your hair. Coconut oil cannot be washed off. The reason why is because it is inside of your hair, so you can’t really rinse it away. If you have dry and damaged hair and have a lot of issues with hair loss as well as breakage, then you need to get you some coconut oil.

Is it hard to find?

Nope. It is found in a lot of newer hair care products. You should look for leave in products that have coconut oil as one of the three top ingredients. It is listed pretty low on the list, then you won’t get any real benefits from it.

You can always try to use pure coconut oil. The best part is that you can find it in most natural food and grocery stores. You can normally get it for around $5.00, you will be able to have coconut oil that will last you a year or more. Just use it sparingly and apply to the ends of your hair. I actually apply it to my damp hair before I blow dry or use my wet-to-straight flat iron.

Coconut oil is great and a natural way that you can improve the overall health of your hair. It doesn’t matter if you are using pure coconut oil or using hair products that contain this amazing tropical treat, your hair will love and thank you for it.  Another oil that might help is Jamaica Black Castor oil.  Check out my Jamaica Black Castor Oil review.



Keep Your Hair Feeling Healthy, Soft and Silky

Keep Your Hair Feeling Healthy, Soft and Silky

It’s the dream of every woman on the planet to have hair that’s healthy, soft and silky. We spend lots of time trying to get it that way so that we can look our best, but it often fails to hit the mark. There’s no one single technique that works perfectly for everybody, but here are some simple things that can really help.

Know Thy Enemies

First of all, it’s important to know what things damage your hair. These can be:

  • Over-styling with curlers, straighteners and excessive blow-drying
  • Chemicals and pollution in the air
  • Exposure to wind, sunshine or saltwater
  • Stress. smoking, diet and your sleeping patterns

What’s keeping your hair from being as soft and silky as it should be? Try to tackle as many of these causes as you can and you will see a dramatic improvement in the health of your hair.

Stop Styling

One way to get your hair back to its natural, healthy state is to go cold turkey on the styling products. Give your hair a chance to recover and it’ll regain some of its luster. If your hair’s been over-styled a lot, you might want to try a deep conditioning treatment. This is a treatment that uses a very powerful conditioner for a short period of time. Follow the instructions on the package.

Protect Your Hair

Because there are so many things in the environment that can wreak havoc on your hair, keep it protected when you go out. Wear a scarf when you’re in the sun and tie it up on windy days. If you go swimming a lot, stay out of the ocean or swimming pools that use chemicals like chlorine.

Condition, Condition and Condition More

Simply using the right conditioner is a great way to keep your hair’s silky smoothness.  Know your hair type and choose a conditioner that’s made especially for you. If your hair is fine, use something light. If it’s thick, choose something tougher. Experiment a little bit to see what works, and you can also ask your hair stylist for a recommendation.  You should consider a product such as Nioxin.  Check out my Nioxin review.

If you are interested in learning more about going natural, check out my post on Going Shampoo Free.

Natural Bristles

The brush you’re using may also rough up the texture of your hair. Use a brush with soft bristles for your after-shower brushing. Brush your hair out while it’s still wet and be extra gentle with it.

Proper Diet for Healthy Hair

What you eat has a huge effect on the way your hair looks and feels. Make sure that you’re eating a balanced diet that includes lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. Make an effort to get all the daily recommended vitamin dosages you need. Protein from nuts and lean meat is also good for your hair. A simple daily multi-vitamin can really help you and your hair get the essential vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

For more detailed information about what foods you can eat for healthy hair, check out this article from WebMD. Top Ten Foods For Healthy Hair.

Home Remedies for Hair

Chemicals can cause lots of damage to your hair’s health even while making it look good and helping to control it. But all-natural remedies give your hair health benefits without the side effects. Black sesame, coconut oil, beetroot, mashed banana, and egg white are just a few of the natural remedies you can use. You might even have them in your kitchen cabinets right now.

Finally, listen to your hair. Pay attention to when humidity or sunshine is causing trouble. Always use the right conditioner to counterbalance the effects, and no matter what you do, always be gentle with your hair. Hair is sensitive and treating it too roughly will make it lose its natural shine.

Can you go shampoo free?

Can you go shampoo free?

Wait, Wait, Wait… Don’t get too grossed out by the idea. Let me explain…

I learned a long time ago about the harmful chemicals that are present in most shampoo products. Sodium lauryl sulfate is one of the most common chemicals in all soaps, including shampoo and conditioner. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is basically a foaming agent that helps to eliminate oil.  What’s interesting is that this same SLS chemical is used in commercial grade degreasers like the ones that mechanics use to de-grease car engines.

Can you believe that? You can probably imagine how bad these harsh and harmful chemicals can be on your hair. These chemical detergents strip the hair of natural oils, but another concern is that they are also absorbed into the skin, which has been linked to a variety of health concerns including certain types of cancer.

So, What Can Be Done?

Many people have turned to hair care products that have more natural ingredients like Wen shampoo or other similar products that do not have sodium lauryl sulfate or other similar chemicals. These do work well for most people, but they are also very expensive (approx. $35 per bottle).  Others turn to shampoos specifically designed for thinning hair such as Nioxin shampoo and conditioner.

Others have tried to shampoo less often, like 2-3 times per week rather than every day. This may work to help replenish the natural oils in the hair, but most people do not like the look and feel of dirty hair, so I have been searching for other alternatives and here is what I have learned…

Baking Soda For Shampoo

The benefit of using baking soda as a shampoo is that it’s extremely cheap and it’s a very weak alkaline which means that it will gently cleanse the oily buildup away without completely stripping the hair of all it’s natural oils.

All you need to do is mix about a tablespoon of baking soda with a cup of water, put into some sort of bottle and gently massage the mixture into your hair. I would recommend that you focus mainly on the scalp since that is where most oil originates. You should still use it on the rest of your hair, but focus mainly on the scalp. Then rinse it out just like you would shampoo.

There May Be A Transition Period

You have to remember that your hair is used to being stripped of its natural oils due to the detergents in shampoos. To counteract this stripping, your scalp most likely produces a large amount of oil. It can take a few weeks or longer for your scalp to adjust to the lack of harsh chemicals being used and to become more balanced. Give it some time before you give up on it.

If your hair feels too dry, you might try using a little less of the baking soda mixture.

Apple Cider Vinegar For Conditioner

Apple cider vinegar is a great replacement for conditioner because it’s a mild acid, which helps to seal the cuticle and balance the PH of your hair. You want to use the same ratio that you use for the baking soda (1 tablespoon to 1 cup of water).

If you typically have oily hair, then you won’t need to use too much of this, maybe just apply to the ends of your hair and avoid the scalp area. If your hair is typically more dry, then you may want to apply more of this mixture, but try to avoid using too much on your scalp because that is where most of the oil originates.

As far as the smell of the vinegar, don’t worry, you only smell it when you first apply it, once you rinse it out, it’s gone and you can’t smell anything.

Using hair growth oils

Many people find that using hair growth oils work best for them.  There’s a few options you can choose such as Coconut oil, Jamaica Black Castor Oil or Wild Growth Hair Oil.

The shampoo free conclusion

I have used both of these techniques on my hair and they seem to be working very well so far. I need to try it for a few more weeks before I can make a definite decision, but so far I love the idea of not using harsh chemicals on my hair and I also love the low cost of these two products.

Dry Hair Care Tips – Learn What To Avoid

Dry Hair Care Tips – Learn What To Avoid

If you have dry hair then you know that it can feel dry, brittle, crunchy to the touch and frizzy. So, what is it that causes dry hair? Well, the good news is that some causes are preventable, but unfortunately some are not. Genetics play a big role in the type of hair that you have. If your Mom has dry and frizzy hair, then your dry and frizzy hair is probably genetic. Even if you do have unfortunate genetics, there are some things that you can do to help manage this problem.

Inactive Oil Glands: One of the main causes of dry hair is inactive oil glands. If you also have dry skin, then this is probably a big problem for you. You need to make sure that you don’t wash your hair every day. Try every 2 to 3 days instead. This will allow the natural oils to replenish your hair follicles. Also, when you do wash your hair, be sure to use a good quality moisturizing shampoo that will help replenish the essential oils in your scalp. Condition after every shampoo, and don’t overrinse. A little leftover conditioner helps dry hair shine and be more manageable.

Beat The Heat: If you have very dry hair then your worst enemy is HEAT! I am not talking about the weather here. If you have dry hair and you also use a hair dryer or straightener every day, then you are just destroying your hair. A flat iron is probably the worst thing that you could use on your hair every day. Try to use it as little as possible. It’s also a great idea to let your hair air dry after you wash it so you don’t have to use the dryer or straightener as long.

Color & Chemicals: This one is not rocket science. If you are really serious about replenishing your dry hair, then you really should consider not using any more color treatments or chemical relaxers. Also, chlorine from the swimming pool is a major culprit in the summer time. Always be sure to rinse your hair after swimming with fresh water. Never let chlorine stay in your hair for a long period of time. You might also consider using a swim cap if you do use the pool often.

So What Else Can Be Done?

Here are a few ideas if you are serious about treating your dry hair problem:

1) Get a hair cut!

Most dry hair will have at least some split-end damage. The best way to get rid of them is to just cut them off. A hair cut will also allow the new hair to replace the old and damaged hair.

2) Use a wide toothed comb.

Cheap, thin-toothed combs can cause some serious damage especially when hair is wet. Major breakage can happen. A good soft-bristled brush will help distribute the natural oils throughout the entire length of your hair.

3) Coconut or Olive Oil.

You can always visit your salon for a professional dry hair treatment, which might be a good idea if you are serious about a long-term solution. You can spread coconut oil on the ends of your hair and leave it in to help replenish the oils, or you can also massage warm olive oil through your hair, wrap it in plastic and leave in for about 30 minutes. You can then rinse it out with a good quality moisturizing shampoo.  Check out this page to see if coconut oil is good for your hair.  There are other types of oils you may be interested in such as Wild Growth Hair Oil or Jamaica Black Castor Oil.

With a little bit of TLC and a few of these strategies, you can manage your dry hair issues. Try some of these strategies and let me know how they work for you. Good Luck.

Treatments For Hair Loss In Women

Treatments For Hair Loss In Women

What To Expect From A Dermatologist?

The general norm for a dermatologist is to probe the patient’s medical history and habits. He/She might ask you about the kind of hair loss pattern in your parents to determine whether the loss is hereditary or not. Based on the information he/she will provide the prognosis and related treatment. A word of caution, permanent female pattern baldness is not curable. The loss is permanent. However, you can opt for surgical interventions to reduce the damage.

A dermatologist can also prescribe some medications to treat your hair loss which could include the topical application of the medication. If the hair loss is tied to the lifestyle you lead, he/she might suggest various changes in it.

Treatments For Hair Loss:

Treatments for hair loss in women are available in the form of medication, surgical or lifestyle changes such as:

  1. Medication – Not many medicines are available to directly treat hair loss in women. The doctors may address the causes of hair loss rather than treat the hair loss. The most commonly used medicine is Minoxidil which can be applied as a gel or foam topically on the scalp. It is reported to stimulate growth, though it should be used for a lifetime as discontinuance may lead to hair fall again. Doctors might treat the Androgenetic hair loss by using certain inhibitors like cimetidine, spironolactone or cyproterone acetate. They might also opt for hormonal balancing treatments using estrogen and progesterone pills. Doctors are also known to use oral contraceptive pills to varying degree and compositions to treat hair loss in women.
  2. Surgical Treatments – Scientific developments have made it possible to treat (not cure) permanent hair fall using surgical interventions such as hair transplants and scalp reduction. With a hair transplant the surgeon/dermatologist removes a healthy portion of skin containing hair follicles and transplants it surgically to the affected portion. The second option is to stretch the scalp over the affected area or folding over the portion over the bald spots. Surgical treatments are yet to be effective in women as the pattern of balding is different among them.
  3. Lifestyle Changes – Women are the first to bear the brunt of unhealthy lifestyles (though this is not the norm!). A diet poor in nutrition, disturbed sleep due to stress or illnesses, and a sedentary lifestyle are some culprits that contribute to hair loss to a certain extent. The way forward is to eat healthy, clock in sufficient and restful sleep, maintain the intake of liquids in sufficient amounts (8 -10 glasses of water daily) and burn that excessive fat or exercise to stay fit.

Myths Debunked:

In order to understand what hair loss entails it is also important to understand what does not cause hair loss. A Few myths related to hair loss are:

  • Washing hair with shampoo more often causes hair loss.
  • Brush 100 times for healthy hair
  • Do not brush too often (this is in direct conflict with the previous myth!)
  • Shave your mane for thicker growth 
  • Permanent balding is curable

Many women do damage their hair a lot, click here to see what damages your hair the most.  Women must remember that a combination of a healthy living style and proper care go far in keeping the tresses in a healthy condition. At the same time some things cannot be avoided and hence a timely treatment can prevent further damage.

Rogaine for women

Most people think that Rogaine is just for men but Rogaine also has a product specifically designed for women.  Check out my review of Rogaine for Women.

Proper Hair Treatment leads to Healthy Hair Growth

Proper Hair Treatment leads to Healthy Hair Growth

For nearly all women, hair is one of the most valuable possessions that must be fostered with care, or otherwise, she can never look good and presentable. Some believe that one can look beautiful only by adding colors to one’s hair. However, reality says that proper circulation of oily scalp secretions can make your hair look glossy and lustrous.

There are people who make the blunder of opting for expensive hair treatments even after coming across a minor hair complication. Some rush to professional hair styling experts while others run to the clinics. Now, you can always take advice from hair experts. But, if the solution can come fairly effortlessly, why should you jump through hoops and spend loads of cash? So, take a quick look at some of these natural products that can make your hair healthy and strong:

For oily scalp:

–         Use Green soap and a branded egg shampoo. Remember, eggs can work wonders for your hair scalp thereby making your hair regain shine and glossiness.

–         A little bit of borax and a few ounces of Castile soap blended in some hot water can bring positive results for your hair.

–         For blonde and grey hair, use Castor soap jelly. In fact, if you can add with it quarter teaspoon borax and use the mixture to brush it with the help of a comb, your scalp will get a good deal of nourishment.

For dry scalp:

–         Use dry shampoo and clean your hair scalps thoroughly on a daily basis.

–         Massage your scalp with a good hair tonic. There are many scalp lotions that are designed to stir hair circulation and also cure hair disorders.

–         Rubbing a refined beef marrow gently into the hair roots is bound to bring exceptional aftereffects for those having dry hair.

Remedies for Hair Growth

  • Tea Tree oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Saw palmetto
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Jojoba
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar

The above mentioned natural hair treatment products are considered best for making hair grow in quality as well as quantity. Moreover, certain herbs are no doubt best in stimulating hair growth. Hair experts say that there are no better and safer alternatives than applying natural herbs for hair growth.  Check out our page on home remedies for hair growth.

Does Hair require Vitamins?

If you are worried regarding hair growth, you should know that vitamins are essential for providing sufficient nutrition to your hair. Vitamin E for instance results in blood circulation thereby leading to hair stimulation. B vitamins are regarded best for bettering hair health. Moreover, lots of vitamins and proteins should be consumed through food and supplements to help you re-grow and retain hair.  Biotin is also another vitamin that really help.

3 Fear Factors for Hair

  • Dandruff – If you are subjected to digestive disorders or having toxic elements in your blood, your hair might acquire dandruff. This can be cured with proper brushing and massaging of the scalp.
  • Lice – Hair can catch lice if kept untidy and unwashed for days. Lice can augment your itching to a good extent and hence affect your hair roots. Thus, you should consult your doctor for a better hair treatment as soon as you discover lice in hair.
  • Ringworm – Avoid using sulfur ointments or washing your hair with bichloride soap. These can lead to ringworm and hence make your hair fall.

So, it can be concluded that negligence and carelessness are the two biggest factors that can ruin your hair scalp and diminish your natural beauty. Using good hair treatment products can only keep your hair protected from falling prey to deadly hair complications.