Hairfinity side effects

Hairfinity side effects


Hairfinity is a vitamin that will keep your hair strong and healthy. It will give your hair the right type of nutrients that it needs to make your hair long and thick. It contains biotin, which is an important factor for your hair health.  The hair will be protected against excessive dryness and intense hair damage from blow outs, excessive heat and more. It helps to produce keratin which will stop hair loss and promotes faster hair growth. It also has Niacin which promotes circulation in the scalp.  Many people are getting great results as shown in the pics below so it’s important to check out what the side effects of the product are.

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The Basics of Hairfinity

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4.6/5In FDA certified facilitiesFills in the gaps left by your regular diet - uses propriety CAPILSANA COMPLEX16No

The main Hairfinity Side Effects

  1. Hair Loss – Wait, What!  Don’t worry, it’s only temporary
  2. Digestive issues
  3. Increased Libido – A positive side effect 😉
  4. Appetite – It could be a bit more up and down than you’re used to
  5. Metabolic – It could be a bit more up and down than you’re used to
  6. Urinary – Just means the vitamins are working.  If you have a burning sensation though, then it’s time to reconsider


Hairfinity Side Effects in more detail

This page is is dedicated to just the side effects of Haifinity.  To read my review on the effectiveness of hairfinity click here.  If you decide you’d like to purchase Hairfinity, check out my Hairfinity Coupons Page to get a discount.  The biggest competitor to Hairfinity is the other hair growth vitamin giant, Viviscal.  You can read my review of Viviscal here.

Here are some pics to show that it works:








Just like with other vitamins there are always going to be side effects and we will get to those. Anything that has too much of something can be bad for you. The latest studies have shown that yes there are side effects and in the most severe case there is some hair shedding and irregular heartbeat.

hairfinity ingredients

Taking vitamins for your hair health can improve the overall growth and healthy of your hair. Sometimes the side effects are short term while other side effects may last for the whole treatment. These are the six most common side effects of Hairfinity.

Hair Loss:

During the first few weeks of using these hair vitamins, you may see a lot of shedding or hair loss as it is removing all of the unhealthy hair. After those few weeks, the shedding will stop and then you will see all of the effects of healthy hair that you will have.

Digestive issues:

As your body adjusts to Hairfinity, you may notice that you have issues like bloating, gas, stomach aches, diarrhea and constipation. These will go away after a few weeks of using Hairfinity, while the others will be off and on for the whole treatment.

Increased Libido:

Zinc is included as an ingredient in Hairfinity and since Zinc has been known to increase your sexual arousal, this is a great side effect especially if you have a frisky partner.


During the course of your treatment, your appetite will come and go and since your metabolism will affect your appetite, you will notice that there are days that you will gorge yourself while you may skip meals on the next.


During the time that you are using the vitamins, you may also notice that your weight fluctuates. This is due to the fact that Hairfinity is working on your metabolism. As your metabolism slows and speeds, your weight will increase and decrease.  It will just be minor differences, if any.


As you take the vitamins, and they work to restore the health of your hair, you may notice that you have to use the bathroom more often. The vitamins are working to filter years of unhealthy buildup, and the urine that you have may be a strange color or odor. Unless you have a burning sensation while you are using the bathroom, these are symptoms that you shouldn’t worry about.


All of these symptoms are nothing serious except for the rare irregular heartbeat that may happen to some when they take vitamins.  Most of the issues happen at the start of taking the vitamins because you’re body is adjusting to having more vitamins in your system.  It’s no different to if you started eating heaps of green vegetables that your body wasn’t used to, it will take a couple of weeks for your body to adapt.

Where to buy

Before you buy check out what Kim and Khloe Kardashian have to say about Hairfinity.

You can either buy it directly from the Hairfinity web site or from amazon on this link.

Other options to hair growth

Vitamins are really important when it comes to hair growth but they shouldn’t be the only approach.  You should look at a holistic approach to hair growth.  That means look after yourself on the inside as well as outside.  Hairfinity helps with the “inside”.  Hair growth oils and shampoos help with the outside.  Check out shampoos such as Argan Oil Hair Loss Shampoo.  I’ve reviewed it here.  A popular brand of hair growth oil is Wild Growth Hair Oil which has been reviewed here.  Your three pronged approach to hair growth should include vitamins, hair oils and shampoos for maximum success.  Hair oils and shampoos are much cheaper than vitamins so that helps.