Just Natural Hair Care Product Reviews

Just Natural Hair Care Product Reviews

Your hair is one of the biggest things that people will notice about you. Whether you have long or short hair, if it is down or if it is up, and even how it looks. Sometimes, we all have bad hair days and sometimes it can last for weeks on end. Caring for your hair can be a hassle but if you use the right type of products, then you really do not have to worry about how much time you are taking. Discovering Just Natural products actually helped me out a lot. From someone who has natural curly hair that frizzes at the first sign of humidity, these products were a real life changer.

After a short search, I found that Just Natural products has a range of options when it comes to wanting beautiful hair that is manageable. Their product line includes dry shampoo, moisturizing shampoo, clarifying shampoo, hair conditioner, and volumizing. They also offer options for thickening and nourishing your hair. Let’s not leave out the various hair types, including oily, fine hair, damaged hair, split ends and those with already healthy hair who want to maintain it.

I decided to try out some of their products and I am certainly glad that I did. I tried out the Organic Hair Care Shampoo, Organic Hair Care Conditioner, Vinegar Rinse Cleanser, Leave in Conditioner, and Proteins and Vitamins treatment. These 5 products really changed my hair from the mangled mess that it was to being shiny, soft, and healthy.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the products.

I have extremely dry hair, so I wanted something that would really help me out. I tried The Organic Hair Care Shampoo, and let’s just say that for someone who has super dry, but natural hair this shampoo is a god-send. I absolutely love this shampoo. It was the first shampoo that I have used to really give my curls definition. Just a few pumps and it washed my hair completely. It lathers up really well, so you don’t have to use a whole lot. I noticed right off, even with my hair still wet that it left my scalp and hair feeling really refreshed and super clean. It didn’t even make my hair poof out like other shampoos I have tried before. After drying it felt strong but so soft. Not to mention I am a fan of minty smells, so the scent was nice as well. It was a great experience with this shampoo and since one lather does the job, you don’t have to waste money constantly buying more.

The Organic Hair Care Conditioner, really compliments the shampoo. Just using the conditioner once actually softened my hair even more and really conditioned my hair. The one thing I noticed is that it has more of a rose smell to it, which I found to be nice as well. This is a deep conditioner, so you know you are going to have baby soft hair no matter your hair type. Since I have curly hair, I normally have a lot of issues detangling my hair which causes a ton of shedding and a lot of pulling. This conditioner made it super easy to detangle my hair and even lowered the shedding I have. My hair felt so much stronger, and I was able to go through detangling without losing a bunch of my hair, which is often a lot when I have a lazy week. It also helped to retain some of the moisture, which is great for the leave in conditioner.

The Vinegar Cleanse was the iffy part for me. I hate the smell of vinegar and its even worse when I put it in my hair and it runs down my face and sometimes into my mouth, it literally makes me want to puke. But, I sucked it up and went ahead and used it. Even though it smells like Apple Cider Vinegar, I will admit it worked great with my hair. I even used it on my sister’s hair who has color treated hair. It didn’t strip out her color, and it wasn’t harsh at all. I will admit with curly hair there is often a whole lot of buildup from products that I use on a daily basis, even after I shampoo. I would cake on products and then be lazy and not wash it out. I was just too busy and constantly on the go. Now after the vinegar cleanse, I noticed that my hair was super clean when I was done. It worked so much better than expected and it worked well enough that even though I hate the smell, I will suffer through it because I love my hair. Not to mention the essential oils in this product really make the difference.

The Proteins and Vitamins Hair Treatment was a blessing too. I followed the directions on the bottle to the T. I left the treatment in my hair for about 10 minutes before I styled it like I normally do. Whenever I used the treatment, I ensured that my hair was stripped clean and conditioned before I ever put it in my hair. The first time that I used it, it worked great. My hair was springy and there wasn’t a whole lot of frizz. Although, when I went to use it a second time, there was an issue. My hair felt really hard and kind of stiff after I used it. This product is best used every 2 weeks or just monthly. That way you don’t add a whole lot protein to your hair regularly. I love using protein treatments and your hair will thrive off of them. This is a product that I definitely plan to keep using as it is a real keeper.

The Leave in Conditioner was quite unique, compared to all the types I have tried in the past. The first thing I noticed was that the main ingredient was Aloe Vera leaf Juice. It was super thick and creamy for a leave in conditioner, which actually surprised me. It was much thicker than others I had used before. I used this conditioner and then sealed it in with a bit of oil, in order to really get a good feel for this conditioner. I was amazed. It worked great. My hair was well hydrated and super soft. I had my hair in a French twist and my hair was moisturized the whole time. Whenever I took it out and tried a new style, my hair was fluffy and moisturized. It was also easy to separated and defined. My hair didn’t even look dry. I kept trying new styles each day and I was actually able to get in several styles during a week before I ever washed it. That is actually a first for me, so this leave in conditioner is certainly going to be in my hair arsenal.


I love Just Natural Hair Care products. I love everything from the packaging to the natural ingredients used, which are all high quality. The products aren’t watered down like other types of products that I have used before and they don’t even skimp on the products. Just Natural Hair Care Products are really worth the investment, especially if you are wanting to really improve your hair and scalp quality. All of these products are now a part of my normal hair care routine. I will certainly keep purchasing them and recommending them.