Black Bottle Hair Growth Support Vitamins Review

Black Bottle Hair Growth Support Vitamins Review

My hair has always really been my thing. Over the course of years and my life, I have done so many things to it. I have crimped, braided, curled, teased, twisted, feathered, cut, bound and even colored it. But, the most stressful thing about it all has been growing my hair out, so I had to ask myself, does Black Bottle Hair Growth Support actually work?

My hair

Now, I have seen ads for these vitamins everywhere and I have even seen Instagram pages of various brands that have before and after pictures of the users of Black Bottle and they have stunning results. I had really stressed myself out about growing out my hair by adding extensions of all sorts like glue ins, weaves, bonded and fused pieces and more.  So I decided to try the solution after I went Khaleesi Blonde. I noticed that my hair wasn’t really growing anymore.  To this day, despite all of the damage, I still say dying my hair is worth it, but I digress. What I loved more than anything is that my hair was long and it wasn’t falling out. I have always been someone who loved having long hair. After dying it so much, it just stopped growing.

My review of Black Bottle Hair Growth Support Vitamins

I tried Black Bottle vitamins, even though they say they are for men, I noticed that most of the reviews were by women who were wanting to grow out their hair. I ordered a 3-month supply that is 180 pills to be taken twice a day.  When I got the vitamins, the first thing that I noticed was the ingredients. They contained 10,000mcg of Biotin. I have never seen another product that contained that much Biotin before. It also contained Grape Seed Extract, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin seed oil, Soluble Keratin, Red Clover and so much more. That is over 40 different ingredients that are meant to grow your hair out. It even contains vitamins E and C which improves the blood flow to the scalp while vitamin C helps your body to absorb iron and other sources needed for hair growth.

Even though it is for men, I have found that not only did it make my hair grow by almost ½ inch monthly, my nails are longer and stronger. Which is a side effect that is also a plus. I also noticed that I started to break out a bit when taking the vitamins.


  • Plenty of vitamins
  • Goes down easy
  • Decent sized pills
  • Makes your hair grow as well as your nails


  • Expensive for one bottle
  • Made only for men (but will work for women)
  • Can upset your stomach when taken on an empty stomach

When it comes to finding a brand that will actually do what it says I found that Black Bottle Hair Growth Support Vitamins are the best. I have never been this happy with a product, especially since I am one to do all sorts of things to my hair.  If funds are a bit tight maybe try another product such as Dasgro or Hairfinity.