The Ultimate in Caboki Reviews

The Ultimate in Caboki Reviews


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Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

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NoTo cover up hair loss. You can "fake it until you make it"All natural (lowers the chance of any side effects)4.1/5$$

If you are experiencing hair shedding or hair loss, you are likely looking at what the cause of hair loss is, and the various types of hair loss treatment on the market, I did. One name that I continued to come across was Caboki, and the talk was interesting as it is a product that stands out of the crowd of hair loss products. The question was, did it really work? To answer this, it is important to understand what it is and does.

Caboki is unique in the fact that it does not assist in reducing hair loss, but covering it up.  It’s a fake it until you make it scenario.  By the time hair vitamins such as hairfinity (check out some working Hairfinity coupons) have a chance to work you can try this product.  It’s not overly expensive (price here), has strong reviews and it can help you get your confidence back.  You apply Caboki as a topical, to the scalp in the area’s where the loss of hair is occurring. The unique blend of ingredients is designed to adhere to the hair that still exists on your head. The concept is that the hair will start to look thicker, giving the appearance of less hair loss.


About the Caboki company

Caboki is a professional hair loss breakthrough that is actually using electrostatically charged particles that cover bald spots and thinning hair.

Before Caboki, men and women who had thinning hair would often turn to biotin, and medications, as well as hair transplants just to cover their baldness or thinning hair. Caboki actually takes care of that and makes your hair look naturally thick.

Caboki is made from Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum, which is a type of cotton that looks like human hair. This cotton then adheres to your hair by using a negative electrostatic charge, which causes your hair to appear fuller without having to use glue or spray. For other types of wool based fibers that are used for thinning to balding hair, Caboki actually does it better, which lets it last all day and that is under hot or sweaty conditions as well as windy days. It isn’t a spray or something like shoe polish, but its more like a natural product that is shaken into your hair, so it won’t stain or smudge your clothes.

Since it is kind of plant based, Caboki has no animal ingredients, synthetic dyes, preservatives, or fillers, just natural coloring. When you are done with Caboki, just wash it out with regular shampoo.

The Caboki company has a lot of positive online reviews and a good reputation, but there is a lot of contrast about the product itself. Otherwise, people will love it or hate it. With that in mind, this company has created a product that provides good hair coverage, something that a very natural look to it, and something that does not have a lot of residue. There are people that state that the price is a bit too high and the bottles do not actually last as long as they say it does.

The company does suggest that you need to consider your balding level, pattern, and know that it is just a temporary solution to your issue. If you have advanced hair loss, or those who are completely bald Caboki may not be for you. The company also states that if you have a scar more than 2 inches in diameter, that it may not work. That is one thing that you can say about the company, is that they know that their product is just a temporary solution and they do warn about things it may not work on. Many hair loss products do not even do that. This company is more like an open book, but they do have a really great return system as well as very friendly customer service that is more worried about how you feel than having to take their product back.

If you are just starting to experience a receding hairline, Caboki may be a good option. In addition, those going through the first phases of female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness, and people taking treatments for hormonal imbalances may benefit for Caboki.

If you are keeping your expectations realistic, and you know that Caboki is just a temporary thing, it is a really good solution. Just keep in mind that this company does not boast that it is the best solution out there, but it is a good solution until you find one that is better. This is certainly a great, open book type of company that is more about customers than their product.

So it Caboki a scam?

There is this new craze about hair building fibers, for those who have hair loss and are wanting to build their confidence back up. But, is Caboki really the one thing that can do that or is it just another hair scam? Keep reading.

The fibers look very similar to your actual hair, so there isn’t a way to tell the difference. It is made from natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about damaging your hair and the fibers are bonded firmly to your hair, so it creates a resistance from sweat, rain and the wind.

Caboki is basically a hair loss concealer that isn’t a spray or paint on product. It is a product that you sprinkle into your hair that is made from hair building fibers that make it look like you have full, natural hair.

If you are really wanting a short term solution to your thinning hair than Caboki will work for you. It is made from natural ingredients called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum. This is a plant that has properties that is very similar to human hair, so it really looks hair like. That is why no one can actually tell that you are using a product like this. The ingredients are not man-made or synthetic in any way. The dyes are made from iron dioxides, which are mineral based and natural. Which is a lot different from other products that are using synthetic materials. It is because of this that this product will not cause any type of damage in the long run. So, if you have a sensitive scalp, this will be great for you.

The best part about this product is that it works well for women. Many hair loss products are mainly aimed toward men. Unlike other products, Caboki is great for women who are experiencing thinning hair. It works the same for everyone, so there is no problem.

I love the fact that it doesn’t stain or smudge your clothes, scalp, or bed. You just go through your life without any types of worries about it looking fake. It helps to add confidence for those who have baldness or thinning hair.

You do need to know that these hair fibers that work simply by attaching to the hairs you do have. If you have serious balding, the company states do not expect it to be a miracle cure. You won’t just be able to sprinkle it on your head and it expect it to hide everything. It only really works best with mild to medium balding.

So, is Caboki a scam? Nope.

Caboki is not meant to be a permanent hair solution. It is just meant to give you an instant solution to your hair loss by making your hair look fuller. No it doesn’t cure your hair loss and it never boasted that it will. But if you need some confidence or just to look better, Caboki can really help you do that.

The Ingredients

Caboki’s ingredients claim to be all natural which lowers the chance of side effects. I found this to be a great selling point as I often find harsh chemicals in these type of products that really irritate my scalp, which Caboki did not irritate it at all. Another great thing I found about this product was that the coloring also looks natural, so there was not stress about it causing damage to the hair I still had, or discoloring my scalp.

Using the Product

When first applying it, I was a bit skeptical about how it would feel. Once I sprinkled it around the balding areas I quickly realized that it didn’t stick to my scalp, but to the hair and I didn’t really tell much difference. I was worried it would feel like I had ants or powdered donut dust on my head. The product’s fibers are designed using Moroccan Gossypuim Herbaceum. Because it’s more of an overnight product instead of actually being used as a treatment for hair loss itself, I think that can cause confusion.

I was honestly a little confused at first as well, but after doing my research I realized it helped reduce the appearance of hair loss instead of growing it back. Because of the all-natural ingredient base I decided to try it, and I’m glad that I did because shortly after using it I realized my hair was looking better, it was thicker and the bald areas were showing less due to the thicker hair.


  • Helps thicken your hair and hide bald spots
  • Does not stick to scalp, only hair
  • Does not change the feeling of your hair, it feels natural
  • Is reasonably priced – latest price here


  • Does not directly treat hair loss or regrowth
  • Does not work as well with larger bald spots

If you are looking for a way to cover up your balding, but don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your scalp then I recommend at least trying Caboki to see if it is for you. You may find that it’s exactly what you were looking for.


4.1 / 5 stars