Proper Hair Treatment leads to Healthy Hair Growth


For nearly all women, hair is one of the most valuable possessions that must be fostered with care, or otherwise, she can never look good and presentable. Some believe that one can look beautiful only by adding colors to one’s hair. However, reality says that proper circulation of oily scalp secretions can make your hair look glossy and lustrous.

There are people who make the blunder of opting for expensive hair treatments even after coming across a minor hair complication. Some rush to professional hair styling experts while others run to the clinics. Now, you can always take advice from hair experts. But, if the solution can come fairly effortlessly, why should you jump through hoops and spend loads of cash? So, take a quick look at some of these natural products that can make your hair healthy and strong:

For oily scalp:

–         Use Green soap and a branded egg shampoo. Remember, eggs can work wonders for your hair scalp thereby making your hair regain shine and glossiness.

–         A little bit of borax and a few ounces of Castile soap blended in some hot water can bring positive results for your hair.

–         For blonde and grey hair, use Castor soap jelly. In fact, if you can add with it quarter teaspoon borax and use the mixture to brush it with the help of a comb, your scalp will get a good deal of nourishment.

For dry scalp:

–         Use dry shampoo and clean your hair scalps thoroughly on a daily basis.

–         Massage your scalp with a good hair tonic. There are many scalp lotions that are designed to stir hair circulation and also cure hair disorders.

–         Rubbing a refined beef marrow gently into the hair roots is bound to bring exceptional aftereffects for those having dry hair.

Remedies for Hair Growth

  • Tea Tree oil
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Saw palmetto
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado
  • Jojoba
  • Baking soda
  • Vinegar

The above mentioned natural hair treatment products are considered best for making hair grow in quality as well as quantity. Moreover, certain herbs are no doubt best in stimulating hair growth. Hair experts say that there are no better and safer alternatives than applying natural herbs for hair growth.  Check out our page on home remedies for hair growth.

Does Hair require Vitamins?

If you are worried regarding hair growth, you should know that vitamins are essential for providing sufficient nutrition to your hair. Vitamin E for instance results in blood circulation thereby leading to hair stimulation. B vitamins are regarded best for bettering hair health. Moreover, lots of vitamins and proteins should be consumed through food and supplements to help you re-grow and retain hair.  Biotin is also another vitamin that really help.

3 Fear Factors for Hair

  • Dandruff – If you are subjected to digestive disorders or having toxic elements in your blood, your hair might acquire dandruff. This can be cured with proper brushing and massaging of the scalp.
  • Lice – Hair can catch lice if kept untidy and unwashed for days. Lice can augment your itching to a good extent and hence affect your hair roots. Thus, you should consult your doctor for a better hair treatment as soon as you discover lice in hair.
  • Ringworm – Avoid using sulfur ointments or washing your hair with bichloride soap. These can lead to ringworm and hence make your hair fall.

So, it can be concluded that negligence and carelessness are the two biggest factors that can ruin your hair scalp and diminish your natural beauty. Using good hair treatment products can only keep your hair protected from falling prey to deadly hair complications.