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Everyone around know that men will lose their hair. Female pattern baldness is just as common and it can even begin before you turn 30!  There are several treatments for hair loss in women but this page will be devoted to my review of Rogaine for women.

Now we are thankful that it doesn’t mean complete balding, which is pretty rare in females, which is also known as hereditary hair loss which is a condition that begins with gradual hair thinning on the top of your head. This can start as early as your 20’s with a second peak of baldness or bald spots beginning during peri- or post-menopause. By time women turn 50, 40{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of women will be affected.

It sounds pretty depressing, but there is some good news about hair shedding and female hair loss when it comes to treating hair loss. The first and only once a day topical regrowth treatment which is available over the counter and it has been formulated just for women, it’s called Women’s Rogaine.

Everyone has heard of Rogaine, but like me you probably didn’t know what it was or how it actually worked.

Does Rogaine for Women actually work? Rogaine for Women is another product that I decided to review based on all the positive feedback for the men’s version that is called Rogaine For Men.

So, What it is Rogaine for Women?

Rogaine foam happens to be a hair regrowth treatment that is for women who are suffering from thinning hair and hair loss. This is an FDA approved product that many users state that they have had success using for regrowing hair and stabilizing hair loss.

How does it work?

Rogaine for Women has a 2{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of a chemical called Minoxidil, which is an active ingredient that stimulates the hair follicle and causes your hair to regrow. Minoxidil causes the hair follicles to become wider which causes the shrunken hair follicles to become reinvigorated and causes them to become larger over time, so that your hair grows thicker and has more coverage.

Do you need a prescription to get Women’s Rogaine?

In most cases, no. It is available without a prescription but there are exceptions within Canada where it is sold behind the counter and in British Columbia where you need a prescription.

Does it contain hormones?

No. Minoxidil is a non-hormonal topical hair growth treatment. When it gets applied to the scalp it will renew the hair growth cycle and then revitalize the shrunken hair follicles.

What is the difference between Women’s Rogaine and the original Rogaine?

Unlike the men’s formula, the one for women only has to be applied once daily to be effective. This was proven in the clinical studies of the treatment on women that were experiencing female pattern hair loss. It comes in 5{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} or 2.5{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} minoxidil foam or solution. The foam is created to break down with your body heat to deposit the active ingredient on to your scalp.

When it comes to the men’s Rogaine, it has to be used twice daily in order to get results.

What about clinical evidence?

There was a clinical study that was done over 48 weeks with a sample size of 300 women who were suffering from hair loss, more than half of those women who applied Rogaine for Women twice daily on their scalp was able to experience hair regrowth that had better coverage. There have been more studies that state Rogaine works.

Who is a good candidate for Women’s Rogaine?

You may be a good candidate if you have hair loss or thinning patterns on your scalp. The thinning is the most noticeable around the front or part of the scalp. It forms a pattern that resembles an evergreen tree.

Some people use Rogaine as a preventive measure because people in their family has experienced hair loss and they want to ensure that they will not experience the same thing.

You will respond better to Rogaine if you have been losing your hair for a short period of time, or any time less than 10 years. If you have no family history of gradual hair loss or thinning, or if you have patchy hair loss don’t use Rogaine, you should speak with your doctor.

How do you use it?

The product is very easy and simple to use as you simply apply it to the affected areas and Rogaine will do the rest. Once you have used it for several days, it will be part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth is.

The liquid is almost like water, and it doesn’t affect how you style your hair at all. You will be able to do what you want to your normal hair after you have applied it. The best time to apply Rogaine for Women is right after you have washed and towel dried your hair.

Before you apply any type of styling products, you need to wait for the Rogaine to dry, which doesn’t take too long at all. The best part is that you can blow dry your hair and even use it on colored or permed hair.

What type of results can you expect?

Women’s Rogaine has been clinically proven to regrow hair within 80{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} of women who use it daily. These results are according to the clinical studies done by Johnson & Johnson and measured after 6 months of use.

The new hair growth came up to 48{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} thicker than it was before. The amount of hair regrowth will vary for each person and no one will be able to grow back all of their hair.

How long does it take to really see results?

The results from applying Women’s Rogaine daily could be seen as little as 3 months and for some women it could take 6 months to get any visible results. If you do not see any type of result within 6 months, you should stop using the treatment and speak with a doctor.

What are the ingredients?

It contains 5{97275882e2fe2e4752cae2f573fd33674ab0cba5fb9e43876b2b68f7ae311d9f} Minoxidil, with non-active ingredients like cetyl alcohol, lactic acid, BHT, Anhydrous, citric acid, Propane, Isobutane, Butaine, Polysorbate 60, SD Alcohol 40B, Purified water, and Stearyl alcohol.

Side effects?

Just like with other medications, there are side effects. Most of the users stated that it was an itchiness or dryness of scalp which can be taken care of by using a moisturizing shampoo or Nioxin shampoo. Scalp irritation is another known side effect.

Can it be used on color treated or permed hair?

There is no way to know for sure if the chemical processes that you put your hair through will damage the effectiveness of Women’s Rogaine, but due to the fact that color may increase irritation, ensure that you have washed all of the Rogaine out of your hair and scalp before you color treat your hair and then wait 48 hours before you resume your treatment.

Can you use Rogaine on your eyebrows?

Believe it or not you can. You won’t see anything about it on the package directions, but it is often recommended. You must be extra careful to only get it where you want the hair to grow and if you get irritation, discontinue use immediately.

Why would hair shed when first starting Rogaine?

You may notice an increase in shedding to begin with. It normally happens within the first 2 to 6 weeks when using Rogaine. This happens due to the fact that the new hair growth cycle is beginning and the older hairs are being pushed out to make way for newer, stronger hair. It is almost like you lose your baby teeth and get adult teeth.

The shedding should stop with the continued use. Although, if it keeps going more than 2 weeks, check in with your doctor.

What would happen if you stop Rogaine for Women?

Women’s Rogaine must be used continuously in order to keep the hair growth results. If you stop using the hair loss treatment, then your hair loss will start back up and you will most likely lose the newly regrown hair within 4 months.

When it comes down to it, Women’s Rogaine is a godsend. It is great for people with all sorts of hair types, and even those who have color treated or permed hair. It will help to grow your hair the only thing that I found to be a bit of a bummer is the fact that if you stop using it, your new hair may fall out. Which really sucks. But, when you outweigh the pros with the cons you will certainly see that Women’s Rogaine will work and continue to work for years to come.

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